• 19 May 2016
    Dhiraagu joins the ‘Muvazzafunge Scheme’ of Maldives Hajj Corporation
    Dhiraagu has joined the Maldives Hajj Corporation’s ‘Muvazzafunge Scheme’.

    The MOU between Dhiraagu and Maldives Hajj Corporation (MHC) to incorporate the staff of Dhiraagu into this scheme, introduced this year, was signed today at a special ceremony held at the Dhiraagu Head Office. The MOU was signed on behalf of Dhiraagu by CEO & MD Mr. Ismail Rasheed and by Dhiraagu Director Human Resources Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Didi, while Managing Director Mr. Yamin Idrees and Head of Marketing & PR Mr. Hassan Sinan signed on behalf of MHC.

    Speaking upon signing the MOU, Dhiraagu Director Human Resources said, “We at Dhiraagu, are always seeking ways in which we can offer the best incentives and benefits to our hardworking employees, who are key to our consistent performances. As such, we have decided to get on board with MHC for this initiative of them, to make it easier to plan and save for the hajj of our employees. We are delighted to have paved this way for our employees, I would also like to thank MHC on behalf of myself and all our employees, for allowing this opportunity for Dhiraagu.”

    Dhiraagu currently employees over 600 employees of which 99% are locals and as per Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Didi, this scheme will benefit enormously for all these employees.
    Before signing up to this scheme, Dhiraagu has been funding the Hajj of 2 staff annually, selected based on a set criterion.

    Under this scheme, a set percentage will be deducted from the monthly salary of the employee and saved by the MHC, with the employee being notified on the next earliest Hajj trip he/she can travel on, when the 75% of the total amount payable has been saved. MHC will then make arrangements for the employee to embark on their Hajj trip.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    19th May 2016

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