• 06 December 1999
    Dhiraagu is Millennium Ready
    Dhiraagu wishes to advise all customers that Dhiraagu has spared no effort to ensure that its systems and services are Millennium Ready and contingency plans are in place.

    Which means that the risk of an internal network or equipment failure arising from a date-related problem is now significantly reduced.

    In addition, However, Dhiraagu cannot be responsible for the far end for the successful completion of an international call, owing to the fact that the ability to complete international calls will highly depend on the far end Telephone Operator's level of Millennium compliance.

    There is also tangible evidence that some of the far end Telecommunications Service Providers might not be ready to cope with a network or equipment failure arising from a date related problem before the new Millennium. .

    Dhiraagu General Manager Mr. Bob Ure said, "the actual effect of the New Year will only be known in January 2000. Personally, I remain very confident in Dhiraagu's Millennium Programme to deliver to our customers a smooth transition up to, during and into the Year 2000".

    If we detect any millennium bug on this date we will advise our customers through public announcements via the local media. Note Millennium problem. Most electronic systems use six digits to represent dates.

    This means that for example 10 April 1998 will appear as 10/04/98 rather than 10/04/1998 and 1 January 2000 as 01/01/00. Many computer systems will interpret this as the year 1900. This will force the system to give erroneous results or in some cases may completely fail to function at the beginning the new millennium.

    Those who wish clarify anything regarding the millennium problem, can call us at the toll free number 120.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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