• 08 October 2017
    Dhiraagu Introduces Their Digital Wallet - Dhiraagu Pay

    Dhiraagu today introduced their digital wallet service “dhiraagu pay” providing customers with a convenient, reliable and secure way to make every day financial transactions. The service was announced with Dhiraagu Pay’s new state of the art mobile app which makes navigating around the new service easy.  

    Dhiraagu pay was jointly unveiled by Dhiraagu CEO and MD Mr Ismail Rasheed and the Minister for Finance and treasury Mr Ahmed Munavvar at a special function held at hotel Jen today.

    Key Features

    The beauty of Dhiraagu Pay is its simplicity. Customers have to simply register on their phones to subscribe to setup a digital wallet for Dhiraagu Pay. Customers can either setup an account using the app or the USSD menu of their phones.

    Once an account is setup, customers can pay for goods and services at any of the 100+ businesses participating across the nation. Likewise, customers can send money to any local customer via their phone and furthermore, can  Cash in’ or ‘cash out’  at any of Dhiraagu Pay’s registered agents.

    Another interesting feature of DhiraaguPay is the ability to send money to any mobile on any local network. This is a unique feature that is exclusive to DhiraaguPay. In addition to this, via the DhiraaguPay app customers can even request for money which will be going from one wallet to another.

    Making Payments on DhiraaguPay

    With DhiraaguPay paying for your groceries or utilities or simply withdrawing cash has never been easier. Imagine getting in a taxi and realizing you don’t have cash or having to stand long queues waiting for your turn at the ATM. DhiraaguPay’s principal focus is to enable customers to pay for everyday purchases.

    Customers can make payments on DhiraaguPay in several ways.. Customers simply have to tap the NFC-enabled POS machines at various retailers and service providers. Customers may additionally make payments through the DhiraaguPay or use USSD menu on their mobile phones. A final way would be to use a QR Code scanner to make payments.

    One of the incentives of using DhiraaguPay is that customers could also win discounts from selected merchants if they make payments using DhiraaguPay. You can also make payments at registered merchants - be it through USSD menu or the Dhiraagu Pay mobile application. Dhiraagu Pay currently has over 100 merchants across the country.

    Make any phone a smart phone!

    DhiraaguPay makes extensive use of NFC technology, the good news is most modern smartphones have NFC capability. Non-smart users need not, however, despair-  Dhiraagu pay comes with a unique NFC sticker which you can paste your non-smartphone making it an NFC enabled phone for DhiraaguPay.

    DhiraaguPay app

    DhiraaguPay app is available on iOS and Andriod devices and with this app customers can make payments, pay Dhiraagu bills, transfer payments from wallet to wallet and also make reloads.



    DhiraaguPay uses the latest encryption technology to protect customers. Likewise, our system uses a state-of-the-art pin system and custom-built mobile money management system to ensure the integrity of transactions.

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