• 07 June 2006
    Dhiraagu Introduces Thaana SMS
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the introduction of Thaana SMS.

    With this new service, customers wishing to send SMS in Dhivehi can now very easily write and send SMS in Thaana script to any phone which has the Thaana SMS software downloaded.

    Customers can download Thaana SMS software by either visiting mymobile.mv from their mobile phone or by sending an SMS to 333 with keyword G 10048 (G space 10048). The charge for downloading the software is Rf 20.

    The same local SMS rates apply to Thaana SMS and there are NO monthly charges for this service.

    Since the vast majority of Dhiraagu customers are Maldivians, Dhiraagu believes that Thaana SMS would make communication more fun and easier to use. The introduction of Thaana SMS indicates Dhiraagu’s commitment to keep working with state of the art technologies in order to provide services specially designed and customized for the Maldives.

    Customers with any queries can call 123 FREE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or email [email protected].

    Media contact for more information

    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Manager Marketing
    Phone: 311450
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