• 24 August 2017
    Dhiraagu Introduces RBQuest! The first Maldivian AR game

    If you see a group of people on the streets, arms extended holding their phones aloft, don’t be alarmed. They are playing RB Quest- the new augmented reality (AR) based mobile game by Dhiraagu.

    RB Quest is a fun and exciting game that uses a player’s mobile phone camera to locate and collect as many Raalhu Bis or RBs (generated by AR technology) in a player’s immediate real-life environment. Another fun feature of the game is the central character, an animated avatar called Kalo who assists players through their quest to get RBs, score promotional offers from partners and win other prizes.

    The game was unveiled tonight at a special function held at Seahouse Brasserie located at Dhiraagu Head Office. At the event, Dhiraagu announced a special RB Quest competition that would run from 25 August to midnight 29 August 2017, with daily prizes as well as three grand prizes for customers who are able to collect the most RBs over the competition period. Dhiraagu is giving away an AppleWatch Series2 as the daily prize for customers who collect the most RBs every day. The first Grand Prize for the final leaderboard is a trip for two to Europe, Second Grand Prize is a digital pack that includes a Macbook  Pro, Samsung S8 and Playstation 4. The Third Grand Prize is a three night stay for two at Sheraton Maldives.

    Speaking to the press, Dhiraagu’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Isabelle Hajri said “RB Quest marks a significant milestone in the Maldivian gaming scene. This is the first time a Maldivian company has designed a mobile game themed around the Maldivian way of life. We are always seeking to bring exciting innovations and we are confident that RB Quest would prove a big hit.”

    RBQuest is available for download both on the Google Playstore and iOS App Store. 

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