• 28 November 2005
    Dhiraagu Introduces Local Direct Dial
    Dhiraagu is pleased to introduce Local Direct Dial (LDD) service. This service allows Dhiraagu customers to call mobile phone users who are roaming in the Maldives on Dhiraagu's GSM network, at a premium local call rate simply by adding '#' in front of the number to be dialed.

    The LDD service significantly reduces the cost of calling roamers in the Maldives, as international rates will not be applied for the calls. All Dhiraagu mobile, fixed line and payphone users can now call inbound roamers on Dhiraagu's GSM network at the local premium rate of Rf.3.50 per minute (billed on a per second basis) by adding # in front of the number to be dialed.

    Inbound roamers in the Maldives using Dhiraagu's GSM network can also benefit from this service by calling each other at reduced rates (determined by their home GSM network operator).

    Dhiraagu Local Direct Dial will bring about great savings for Dhiraagu customers who have to make frequent calls to roamers, and offers savings for international roamers who wish to keep in touch with each other while they are visiting the Maldives.

    There is no setup or monthly fee for this service.

    Media contact for more information

    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Manager Marketing
    Phone: 311450
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