• 04 November 2007
    Dhiraagu Introduces Island Communication Participation Programme
    Dhiraagu Chief Executive, Mr Ismail Rasheed announced the launch of 'Island Communication Partnership Programme' today.

    This program provides an opportunity for interested Cooperatives in the islands to partner with Dhiraagu on a revenue share business model to provide fixed telephone and broadband services in the island.

    During the phase 1 of ICPP, residents on any island initially with population over 1,500 currently with no residential service will be entitled to put forward their proposal for partnership. Currently there are 27 islands with population above 1500 with no fixed line service.

    In his remarks Ismail mentioned that under the current strategy Dhiraagu is focused on developing partnerships with its customers, vendors and island communities, as such ICPP is one of the first such initiatives where the cooperatives formed by island community can jointly work with Dhiraagu in providing communication services to the people in these islands.

    During today's event Ismail also announced the special basic package that will be made available under the ICP program. The basic package for a monthly fee of Rf 200 includes 90 minutes of calls (local or national) bundled with 250MB of Internet.

    The basic package is also included in the Maldives Telecom Policy 2006-2010 and Dhiraagu now becomes the first operator in the Maldives to make this available for the customers.

    Telecommunications Authority of Maldives' (TAM) Chief Executive, Mr Mohamed Amir highlighted that ICPP is a very good model for the islands looking forward to establish fixed line and broadband service, and thanked Dhiraagu for coming up with the program.

    In his remarks he also mentioned that this model is attractive as Dhiraagu takes ownership to deliver the service to the island and full responsibility for the systems, technology and the standard of service, whilst the Cooperative takes responsibility to build and operate the cable network in the island.

    The packages and the model were developed with the support of TAM and are regarded as a sustainable program. Amir also highlighted the significant role Dhiraagu continues to play in developing the communications infrastructure in the Maldives.

    He also mentioned the prominence Dhiraagu gives on delivering excellent customer service and it is for this reason that customers claim Dhiraagu's service levels as one of the best in the nation.

    ICPP is based on a revenue share model for sharing risk and reward with Corporate Entities supported by the island development committees to build the telecom infrastructure, to bring fixed line and broadband service to their homes where it has not been feasible in the past. Dhiraagu and the proposing party will enter into an agreement to provide the services.

    The agreement will address the technical and operational issues among others. Corporate entities from these islands that are interested to form partnership under the ICP programme may put forward their proposal to Dhiraagu Marketing Department.

    ICPP will enable customers in these islands to have a fixed telephone number and be billed by Dhiraagu.

    Dhiraagu welcomes the island development committees to partner in this new venture that would benefit the people of Maldives, enhance economic and social developments through technical enhancements.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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