• 22 September 2018
    Dhiraagu introduces “Inthihaabu Pack” – a Data add on to help you keep updated on the 2018 Presidential elections

    To help you keep up with the latest updates during the 2018 Presidential Elections, Dhiraagu has introduced a big data pack called “Inthikhaabu Pack”, a mobile data add-on which gives 10GB data allowance for MVR 225.


    Available for activation till 24th September 2018, the add-on will be valid for 5 days.


    To activate, customers can simply use the Dhiraagu Mobile App or send an SMS to 343 with the keyword “ADD E10GB”

    Inthikhaabu Pack is available for all Dhiraagu Postpaid and New prepaid customers.


    22 September 2018

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