• 29 July 2008
    Dhiraagu introduces IGMH Doctor's duty via Dhiraagu SMS service
    Dhiraagu to introduce a brand new service to our mobile customers. This new development is a SMS based information service, where customers can get the IGMH OPD Duty schedule, doctor’s availability and OPD Room queue status by simply sending an SMS to 446.

    This is a very convenient service that patients can use for when they wish to consult IGMH doctors. Service is quick and very convenient; a simple SMS will help customers avoid time wasted on travelling to check doctor’s duty, and reduce period of waiting in a queue at customer services. The service gives customers the comfort of checking OPD room token status simply from their home.

    How to use the service:

    To get IGMH OPD duty via SMS, simply send an SMS to 446 with the Keyword IGMH followed by the first 3 letters of the information you require. Each SMS sent to 446 will be charged Rf 1. Please refer to the table below.

    Duty Information Send SMS to 446
    IGMH OPD Duty for Today: IGMH (space) TOD
    IGMH OPD Duty for Tomorrow: IGMH (space) TOM
    IGMH OPD Room token status IGMH (space) Room no
    Eg: IGMH (space) 7
    IGMH OPD Duty shift information for: Morning IGMH (space) TOD (space) MOR
    IGMH OPD Duty shift information for: Afternoon IGMH (space) TOM (space) AFT
    Duty information of a specific doctor (eg. Mohamed Naseem) and tokens available for today: IGMH (space) TOD (space) Doctor ' s name
    Eg: IGMH (space) TOD (space) MOH
    Duty information of a specific doctor (eg. Mohamed Naseem)and tokens available for tomorrow: IGMH (space) TOM (space) Doctor ' s name
    Eg: IGMH (space) TOM (space) MOH
    Duty information of a specific department (Eg. Gynecology) for today : IGMH (space) TOD (space) Department Name
    Duty information of a specific department (Eg. Gynecology) for tomorrow : IGMH (space) TOM (space) Department Name
    Help IGMH HELP
    Dhiraagu, the leading mobile service provide in the Maldives and has been introducing innovative services for its customers. Some of the recent services introduced are the prepaid roaming service, electronic recharge methods using electronic top-up and recharging through ATMs, colour SMS, etc.. The Doctor ' s Duty service will prove yet another useful service for Dhiraagu customers for a convenient lifestyle.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    > Phone: 3311336
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