• 10 July 2008
    Dhiraagu Introduces IDD 019 Asia Promo
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce a new IDD 019 promotion called Asia Promo which will be applicable from today, 10th of July 2008 to the 10th of August 2008.

    10 JULY 2008 - This new promotion is conducted for 5 popular destinations; Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The special rate offered during this promotion period is Rf 2.40 per minute to any of these countries and is available 24 hrs throughout the day.

    To make use of this special offer customers will simply have to dial 019 followed by country code and telephone number from their Dhiraagu mobiles or landlines, customers will be charged on per minute basis.

    Dhiraagu has the lowest and best international call rates in the nation and this promotion further strengthens this fact.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan

    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations

    Phone: + 960 3311336
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