• 11 April 2000
    Dhiraagu introduces Avasmail - Free Internet Email
    Dhiraagu announces today (11th April 2000) that Avasmail, a Free Internet email service will be available to all customers from 15 April 2000.

    Avasmail, the name of the locally based Free Internet email service is introduced as part of the DhivehiNet service. Customers accessing the service from the Maldives will obtain a faster connection, than any other free email service, because the service is Male based.

    Keith Wilson, Dhiraagu General Manager said, “Our business is one of meeting customer needs. Many customers already use alternative email services, and by introducing this locally based free email service, access speeds will rapidly improve which is an obvious benefit to customers and will make the service very popular.”

    Dhiraagu introduced DhivehiNet, the Maldives Internet service in 1996 since then the service has been continually improved with charges constantly reduced. Dhiraagu’s objective is to make the service as affordable and accessible as possible to all Maldivians wherever they live. In line with this a Cyber Cafe has been opened in Male’, and Cyber Stations in Seenu to allow customers without their own PC to easily access the Internet

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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