• 01 September 2008
    Dhiraagu introduces an amazing Roadha Hadhiya promotion
    Dhiraagu wishes everyone the sincerest best wishes in the holy month of Ramadan. In the celebration of this holy month, similar to every year Dhiraagu offers its customers brand new special offers of our services.

    A total of ten special offers have been introduced where customers have a chance to win valuable and grand cash prizes for the month of Ramadan and some of which extend for two months.

    This Ramadan customers can make the lowest rate calls to India , Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia for just Rf 1.99 through Dhiraagu IDD. It is our objective to provide our customers the best service and have expanded our offer to provide an increase in the number of countries to make discount calls through our IDD019 service.

    Through the IDD 019 new 'Coolest' International call rates, customers can call 2 countries for as low as Rf1.80 per minute and 12 countries for just Rf 1.99 per minute, 24 hours a day anytime. To use IDD019 customers will have to dial ' 019 ' instead of ' + ' or ' 00 ' followed by country code and number. For more information on the IDD 019 offer customers may send an SMS with keyword ' IDD 019 ' to 242.

    Dhiraagu offers the nation quality IDD calls at lowest rates 24 hours a day anytime day or night. Our IDD special rates will be offered until 10 th Oct 2008.

    Dhiraagu Mobile Prepaid customers have a unique chance to win a cash prize of Rf 100,000 by simply recharging their mobile for Rf 100 or more. Customers can use recharge through vouchers, Reload, Quick Recharge and ATM Recharge service to be automatically eligible for the lucky draw, which will decide the winner.

    The promotion will begin on the 1 st of September and will go on for two months ending 31 st of October. Lucky draw prizes include; RF 100,000 for the 1 st Prize and RF 75,000 for the 2 nd Prize.

    Dhiraagu mobile customers also have an exclusive chance to win fabulous prizes by using Dhiraagu Mobile Internet. Dhiraagu offers the cheapest Mobile Internet rates in the nation with just 1 laari per kilo byte.

    During the month of Ramadan if customers use Mobile Internet worth Rf 50 or more will automatically be eligible for a lucky draw.

    1st Prize Rf 15,000
    2nd Prize Rf 10,000
    3rd Prize Rf 5,000
    This Ramadan, customers can use Dhiraagu Wifi service for 30 minutes free every day. Wireless access is available in hotspots throughout the Maldives excluding resorts and the International Airport.

    To obtain a FREE Dhiraagu WiFi account, simply send a free SMS with keyword ' Wifi Ramadan ' to 414 using a Dhiraagu Mobile. Customers will then receive an SMS which contains the username and passkey. The account will only be valid for 30 minutes from the first login. Dhiraagu Wifi service offers the best speed and quality in the nation.

    Dhiraagu offers customers the convenience of checking Local market prices through just an SMS. Dhiraagu mobile customers can know up to date information on local market food prices through by sending an SMS.

    Prices will be updated 3 times each day; at 1300hrs, 1500hrs and 1700hrs. Customers can know prices of fruits, vegetables, fish and leaves. Simply send an SMS to 257 with the keyword as highlighted below. Each SMS sent to 257 will be charged at Rf 1.


    Fruits fruit
    Vegetables Veg
    Leaves Leaves
    Fish fish

    For this Ramadan Dhiraagu also offers new recipes for the family. Customers have access to 100 recipes of extravagant meals and can download many games through mymobile.mv. Details of preparations and ingredients will be available through the mobile phone.

    Variety of new and fun games can also be downloaded through your Dhiraagu mobile. Each game downloaded will be charged Rf 6. Dhiraagu offers the lowest Mobile Internet rates in the country with just 1 laari per kilobyte.

    Similar to the recent weekend Reload promotions held this year, Dhiraagu Prepaid customers have the benefit of receiving 25% extra FREE credit for every time they Reload on Fridays. This offer is applicable throughout the month of Ramadan for all Fridays.

    This year Dhiraagu customers can select which restaurant to dine in this Ramadan. Dhiraagu offers its customers the convenience of receiving restaurant menus with prices through their mobile phones. This service is easy to use; simply send an SMS with keywords of respective restaurants to 243.

    Each SMS sent to 243 will be charged Mrf 2. Information on restaurant menu and keywords will be available on mymobile.mv and roadha.com.

    Restaurant Name Keyword
    Brothers Catering BCT
    China Garden Restaurant CGN
    City Garden CTG
    Dhonveli Garden Dhonveli Garden
    Dine-More DNM
    Dolphin View Cafe DPN
    Farivalhu - Central Hotel CHF
    Food Bank FBF
    Food Bank FBS
    Ground Six GRS
    Juway's Café JUW
    KAM Hotel KAM
    Lemon Grass LMN
    Roof Top Relax Inn RFT
    Raaveriyaa RYA
    Salsa 205 Salsa 205
    Salsa Cafe SCF
    Salsa Royal SRL
    Seagull Cafe House SGL
    Sea House Maldives SHM
    Shell Beans SBN
    Skippy Food Corner SKP
    South 7 SO7
    South Beach SOB
    South Land Restaurant SLD
    Symphony Garden SYG
    Symphony Restaurant SYM
    Terrace - Central Hotel CHT
    The Hive Restaurant HVE
    West Park Cafeteria WPK

    Dhiraagu customers are also able download religious content through their mobile phones. Simply by visiting mymobile.mv through Dhiraagu mobile phones, customers have access to Madhaha, Wallpapers, animations and Truetones.

    Customers can also subscribe to get free prayer times alerts. Simply send an SMS to 255 with keyword 'REG(space)prayer' . Thereby, for the whole month of Ramadan customers will receive alerts for each prayer time call. SMS sent for subscription will be charged Mrf. 1.

    At Dhiraagu Mobile Shop customers have a chance of winning various prizes. By buying any handset from the Mobile Shop customers will get a chance to spin the wheel and win an instant prize. This new offer guarantees every customer the chance of walking away with an instant prize on spinning the wheel.

    All customers will be entitled for the lucky draw. The Grand prize which is chosen at the end of the promotion period the 30 th of September through a lucky draw is a HTC Diamond phone.

    As the local telecoms operator Dhiraagu always seeks for ways to offer great value to its customers, providing them extra benefits during special months such as Ramadan. For more details on the Roadha Hadhiya promotion and to refer to the Terms & Conditions applied please click here

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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