• 10 October 2006
    Dhiraagu Introduces ADSL Home User-Unlimited
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the introduction of a new ADSL Home User Unlimited package specially designed for residential customers who wish to limit their Internet bills.

    Customers subscribing to this new ADSL Home User Unlimited will have to pay no more than Rf 690/- per month. This is a product especially for customers who give priority for both speed and unlimited internet and at the same time for those who wish to have stable and uninterrupted internet service for a fixed budget.

    The unique feature of this service is that customers can stay as low as Rf 430 and limit their bills to a maximum of Rf 690 per month. This is achieved as the ADSL Home User Unlimited package is designed to start at Rf 430 as a minimum monthly fee including a 500MB free traffic allowance.

    The usage exceeding the "free" allowance will be then charged at a nominal rate of 50 laari per megabyte until Rf 690 is reached, customer can still enjoy the service but the bill will not exceed Rf 690. The speed of this package is at 256kbps download and 64kbps upload.

    Similar to the ADSL Home User package introduced last year and the ADSL Home User Lite package introduced this year, ADSL Home User-Unlimited package will be ideal for Internet browsing, chat and email - the applications most commonly used in the home environment.

    The introduction of this new home user package will make reliable unlimited broadband Internet available for those families who wish to control their internet bills.

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