• 05 May 2004
    Dhiraagu Introduces 128kbps Dedicated Satellite Access
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the introduction of a new DhivehiNet dedicated satellite access package offering up to 128kbps download and 32kbps upload speed to customers anywhere in the Maldives.

    There will be a monthly charge of Rf11,500 for unlimited usage. Dhiraagu will provide the necessary satellite antenna and related equipment free of charge; however there will be a setup charge which will vary between Rf40,000 and Rf60,000 depending on the actual cost of work performed in installing the equipment.

    Dhiraagu CEO, Ismail Waheed said, "Last month we introduced two dedicated satellite access packages targeted at medium to large organizations outside Male'. The new package we are introducing today is specially designed to provide the opportunity for small to medium sized organizations outside Male' to enjoy reliable, high-speed Internet more cost-effectively."

    He added, "This is another example of Dhiraagu tailoring our products and services to meet the specific and different needs of our customers."

    Customers with any queries can call 123 FREE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or email [email protected].

    Issued by:
    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Marketing Manager
    Phone: 3311450
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