• 31 March 2023
    Dhiraagu GudiFest to be held tomorrow!

    Dhiraagu GudiFest is coming to Male' Usfasgandu tomorrow!

    This event, held in collaboration with Male' City Council, will take place from 4-6pm tomorrow, Saturday, 1 April 2023.

    Kite sailing is a common activity enjoyed by both adults and kids during the Ramadan, in the evenings before Maqrib prayer. Through Dhiraagu GudiFest, the company hopes to get more children engaged in this age-old cultural tradition during this month.

    Kids of all ages are welcome to participate in the Dhiraagu GudiFest and will get a free kite of their choice.

    Dhiraagu continues to bring exciting activities and offers to the public, especially during this Ramadan and wishes a continued blessed month ahead for all their customers.

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