• 22 July 2010
    Dhiraagu FnF number updating revamped. Now Dhiraagu customers can instantly Add, Remove or List FnF numbers
    Dhiraagu today announced that it has launched an automated management system to add, remove and view free and discount numbers for its mobile customers for the first time in Maldives.

    With this service free and discount numbers under Friends and Family (FnF) scheme can be updated in almost real time to ensure more convenience to Dhiraagu mobile customers. Being the number one mobile service provider in the country, this improvement will benefit over 300,000 customers.

    FnF service is one of the most popular services amongst Dhiraagu customers, with requests pouring in thousands each day. Previously customer requests to change FnF numbers were processed within 48 hours. Now, with this enhancement, customers can add, remove and view numbers on FnF free and discount number list instantly.

    To experience the new service, customers should sms to 445. This is part of a number of innovations brought by Dhiraagu to enhance the customer experience and Dhiraagu is proud to be the only service provider with such an automated system for mobile customers in Maldives.

    To add, remove or view numbers in the list customers are requested to send an sms to 445 as follows:

    For FnF Free Numbers

    Keyword How to SMS
    Free Add Eg Freeadd7xxxxxx
    Free Remove Eg Freerem7xxxxxx
    Free List Eg Freelist
    For FnF Discount Numbers

    Keyword How to SMS
    Free Add FnFadd7xxxxxx
    Free Remove Eg FnFrem7xxxxxx
    Free List Eg FnFlist
    No setup or monthly fee applies for the use of this service. Depending on the package, customers can have up to 5 Free numbers, 15% Discount for up to 4 Dhiraagu mobile or fixed numbers, and 10% Discount for up to 2 international numbers.

    Currently Dhiraagu offers FnF Free and Discount options to its postpaid as well as prepaid customers. With the introduction of the automated FnF option, customers now have the convenience of adding and removing FnF numbers, and viewing the list of their current FnF numbers almost instantly. For more information about the service customers are requested to visit www.dhiraagu.com.mv or call 123.

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