• 13 June 2010
    Dhiraagu Extends 3G Plus Network to Fuvah Mulah
    Dhiraagu is pleased to announce the extension of its 3G Plus network to Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvah Mulah.

    Forming the complete atoll, Fuvah Mulah is quite isolated yet densely populated. The introduction of Dhiraagu 3G Plus network in this island opens up our 3G Plus services to thousands of people, linking them with others in the region and elsewhere in the country where 3G Plus has already been launched.

    This also means that residents of Fuvah Mulah can now enjoy high speed mobile broadband internet with Dhiraagu touchNET, the fastest 3G Plus Mobile Broadband Service in the Maldives.

    Dhiraagu has always sought to bring the people of the Maldives closer by linking the islands with various communication technologies, and the benefits can already be seen throughout the country. We are also pleased to reveal today that the work of extending Dhiraagu 3G Plus network and Broadband service to cover more islands, is progressing rapidly.

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