• 29 October 2007
    Dhiraagu establishes connection with Telecom Italia Sparkle to double international Internet connectivity
    Dhiraagu has established a high speed connection to the recently opened Telecom Italia Sparkle's IP node (PoP) in Singapore through Dhiraagu's international submarine cable.

    This is the third major international connection made to the world wide Internet backbone. The circuit will be routed on the Maldives - Sri Lanka cable and then connected to the Sea-Me-We-4 global cable system up to Singapore, doubling Dhiraagu's international Internet connectivity. This new route will also act as a diversity route for Dhiraagu's Internet connectivity which is currently routed via Italy.

    Dhiraagu already use Telecom Italia Sparkle backbone and has multiple high speed links connecting to Europe. The Singapore route will offer Dhiraagu customers diverse path, resilience, better manageability and faster access to websites in Asia.

    Telecom Italia Sparkle is a leading Global Service provider offering voice, IP and data solutions to fixed, mobile and ISPs, their PoP in Singapore was inaugurated in a ceremony held in Singapore on 22nd October 2007 where Dhiraagu was featured as one of its first customers to connect to this newly established node which will form their major hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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