• 02 February 2006
    Dhiraagu Enables International SMS To Over 666 Operators
    Dhiraagu is pleased to inform all our customers that International SMS can now be sent to more than 666 operators in almost 200 countries.

    This includes destinations such as USA, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Nepal. A full destination list can be found on our website at www.dhiraagu.com.mv/dhimobile/international_sms_service/operators.php. In addition, International SMS can now be sent to operators in these new destinations who use various mobile technologies such as GSM 1900, CDMA, Satellite Mobiles and TDMA.

    In this case however, recipients of international SMS sent by Dhiraagu customers may not be able to reply to the SMS, or indeed may be unable to originate an SMS if the distant operator's network technology does not support the feature.

    The rate for sending International SMS continues to be Rf 1.00 per SMS.

    Dhiraagu is committed to providing the best value for customers, and with International SMS being enabled to more destinations, now our customers can keep in touch with their friends and loved ones abroad much more easily and at a lower cost.
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