• 01 December 2007
    Dhiraagu Doubles the Speed and Value for Broadband Customers
    Effective 01st December 2007 Dhiraagu has brought major enhancements to the ADSL Broadband service providing increased speed and more value to the customers.

    With this improvement to the broadband service home users can now enjoy the fastest internet experience in the Maldives.

    Choosing a broadband package is now easier for customers of Dhiraagu, with four simple, straight-forward plans for consumers: Home Starter, Home Plus 1M, Home Premier 2M and Home Unlimited; and four plans for small- to medium-sized businesses: Biz Starter, Biz Plus 1M, Biz Premier 2M and Biz Unlimited.

    Each plan is designed for a specific type of customer, so people can choose based on their needs. To provide options for customers wanting to have a fixed monthly package Dhiraagu has also enhanced the current home unlimited package by doubling its speed.

    The Home Premier package offers speed up to 2 Mbps, at the same low monthly price of Rf 359. Dhiraagu also offers the lowest price broadband package, which is Home Starter package priced at just Rf 120 per month.

    Dhiraagu Head of Marketing, Mr John Murray stated that 'we will continue to lead the field in bringing innovative and world class products to our customers in the Maldives'. He also mentioned that these are just some of the fruits of the Dhiraagu International Submarine Cable Network project for which Dhiraagu invested about US$ 27 million.

    In addition to the enhancement of the packages Dhiraaagu also commenced a 2 months promotion on installation of broadband and fixed lines. During the promotion huge discounts are offered on the installation fees. Customers can now request for ADSL broadband connection for a small fee of just Rf 250.

    This is the second time during this year that Dhiraagu has doubled the speed and added more allowances for its broadband packages, the speed and allowances were initially doubled during June 2007.

    A special musical show titled 'Broadband SPEED' is being planned to be held on14th December 2007 at 2100 hrs at the Alimas Carnival and will be open for general public with free entrance. Popular bands such as Zero Degree and Mezzo will be performing at this show.

    To view details of the enhanced broadband packages, please click here.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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