• 12 May 1998
    Dhiraagu Decides To Go For a GSM Mobile System

    We are pleased to announce that the Dhiraagu Board has endorsed the Management's proposal to go for a GSM Mobile System, to provide an enhanced service to our mobile customers. Shortly we will be going out to tender and bids will be sought from a range of suppliers.

    The General Manager of Dhiraagu Mr. Bob Ure said, ""If everything goes to plan, the new mobile system will be in place during the first half of 1999."" He further said ""We are currently working on our strategy for the transition to GSM and will be keeping our customers advised as this evolves"".

    Dhiraagu introduced mobile service in the country in 1997. The present AMPS system (Advance Mobile Phone System) provides service to over 1560 customers.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations

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