• 10 May 2016
    Dhiraagu contributes to establish an Early Intervention Class at Care Society
    Dhiraagu has contributed to establish an Early Intervention Class at the Care Development Centre run by Care Society.

    This initiative will help Care Society to start an early intervention programme, which will focus on skills development in the areas of physical, cognitive, communication, social and self-help skills for young children under the age of 7.

    The class set up will have child friendly flooring, sensory areas, motor area, cupboards, storage areas and activity corners for children. The programme will help develop visual reception, receptive language and expressive language, overall intellectual functioning, receptive communication and motor skills of children benefiting from the program.

    As the name suggests, the programme helps to identify children with various disabilities and developmental delays at an earlier stage and attempts to prevent further deterioration of child functioning.

    The contribution is made towards the center as part of the company’s CSR Programme, which gives a significant emphasis on the development and protection of Children.

    This contribution is an addition to a series of contributions that has been made towards protecting children over the years. Namely, to ARC, Care Society, Maldives Autism Association, and Kudakudhinge Hiya.

    Further to that, Dhiraagu Special Sports Festival is the largest sporting event in the country specialized for children with special needs, and the Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race is the largest event of its kind, where runners dedicate their runs to help protect children and also acts a platform to help NGOs working in the area of child protection to raise funds and create awareness .

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    10th May 2016

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