• 15 June 2008
    Dhiraagu Congratulates our National team for last night's win and starts an SMS donation initiative for Dhiraagu Customers
    As the premier National Telecoms Service provider and as the official sponsor of SAFF Championship, Dhiraagu Staff and Management are extremely happy to celebrate and congratulate our national team for winning the SAFF championship title.

    Today, the smallest South Asian nation has emerged as the leading force in regional football and Dhiraagu is pleased to have played a key role in promoting our national team and the tournament. Dhiraagu is proud to re-affirm its commitment to sponsoring football in the Maldives at all levels, so that many Maldivians can enjoy this popular sport.

    We believed that our national team had the talent and determination to bring gold to our beloved country. This inspired Dhiraagu in sponsoring the tournament and today we are proud to be part of this historic achievement.

    In addition to our sponsorship and overwhelming efforts to promote our national team, today we are pleased to announce another first initiative from Dhiraagu in support of our national heroes.

    Dhiraagu customers can now make donations to our national team by simply sending an SMS with the keyword 'donate' to 401 and Rf5 will be donated for each SMS to 401. Dhiraagu customers can donate as many times as they wish and 100% of their contributions will be awarded to the national team.

    Once again, Dhiraagu Management and staff congratulate our national team for winning the SAFF championship gold medal and wish a very bright future for Maldives' Football.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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