• 08 March 2020
    Dhiraagu celebrates Women’s Day with the opening of a Mothers’ Room

    This year we are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day by incorporating a Mother’s Room into our Head Office. 

    At Dhiraagu, we are committed to championing gender equality. From employee feedback, we understand that the decision to return to work can be a difficult one which presents a very real set of challenges for women. Women face multiple barriers to breastfeeding and many working mothers have to stop before they want to because of the lack of support and options.

    Our Mother’s Room aims to pave the way in easing the transition period for new mothers who are returning to work. With a little care, we have created a welcoming atmosphere in a private and cozy space equipped with comfortable furniture, a refrigerator and other amenities for mothers who choose to pump or breast-feed at the workplace.

    As a result, we hope to make it easier for women to succeed at both career goals and family life.

    We have always considered our employees as family and we are committed to continue building an enabled environment and sustainable solutions for gender equality at the workplace.

    8 March 2020

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