• 10 July 2016
    Dhiraagu becomes the Telecom Partner of the first ever international conference in Maldives for Healthcare Professionals
    Dhiraagu has today agreed to become the exclusive telecom partner of Evidence-based Practice (EBP) Health Champions’ Conference, the first international conference to be held in the Maldives for healthcare professionals.

    According to Dr. Fathmath Shifaza, Chair of the Organizing Committee of Evidence-based Practice Health Champions of the Maldives, this is a conference where healthcare professionals will be given lectures on the importance of research-based practice, and professionals such as doctors, nurses and others would be joining this conference. Further to that, she also highlighted that this conference will provide the participants with information regarding the evidence-based best practice, and how to develop the medical procedures based on these up-to-date information.

    Key lecturers from universities and hospital in Australia, Netherlands, Middle East, and India, amongst others, will share their expertise during this conference through lectures and Q&A sessions.

    “We are still very much lagging behind with regard to technological advancements in the health sector here in the Maldives. However, Dhiraagu has been playing a key role in incorporating these developments into not only this sector, but to various other sectors as well. Further to that, this conference involves video conference sessions via skype, which requires a secure, reliable connectivitiy, especially given the location of the event. We felt that Dhiraagu is the one provider who is currently capable of doing the needful for us upon our request.”, said Dr. Fathmath Shifaza on why they chose Dhiraagu as the telecom partner for this event.

    Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony, Dhiraagu Public Relation Manager Imjad Jaleel said, “We have been consistently trying to involve our latest technology in all sectors of the country and with that in mind, we have been providing the tele-medicine service in the country for quite some time as well, in collaboration with the Health Ministry. We believe that with this international conference, our healthcare professionals will be able to refresh their knowledge and expertise massively, and we sure do hope to see that being implemented in our health sector as well. We are delighted to be part of this conference and wish the organizers all the very best out of this.”

    The conference will be held at Bandos Island Resort on the 13th and 14th of July 2016, and will see over 150 nurses and doctors from throughout the country take part in it, along with international participants as well.

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    10th July 2016

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