• 28 May 2016
    Dhiraagu awarded Bronze Award for Best Customer Service amongst Asia Pacific Call Centres
    Dhiraagu Contact Centre has been rewarded on the international stage for its consistent and efficient Customer Service over the past years.

    ContactCentreWorld.com, the world's largest association of call centres, acknowledged Dhiraagu Contact Centre's excellent Customer Service and was awarded the Bronze Award in the South Asia Pacific - Best in Customer Service - Medium Category.

    To be considered in the ‘Medium Category’, any call centre needs to have 50-250 agents servicing the requirements of the customers. In this regards, Dhiraagu had to compete with call centres of much larger and well renown companies across Asia Pacific region, namely by DHL, Bank Negara, MSBC Neo Securities Inc. in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Japan who are much more advanced in technologies as well.

    The winners of the awards are selected based on how the latest technology is incorporated into the service standards, and how the work process in focused on the people factor, in disciplines such as empowerment, training and staff recognition.

    Speaking upon receiving the award, Dhiraagu Contact Centre Manager, Mohamed Azleem said, “We are delighted to have been the first ever recipient of such an award in the Maldives. At this moment, I would like to note that our contact centre, is one where a customer can get any service they require with just one call. Our call centre is now an experience centre, where receiving services as easy as it is for a walk-in customer. We are also proud to be the only call centre in the country providing service through multi-locations using various channels.”

    Dhiraagu Contact Centre is currently operated at the Head Office in Male as well as the Kulhudhuffushi Operations Centre with over 90 staff. Services of the contact centre are currently available through phone, email, social media, IVR.

    Official records of Dhiraagu show that Dhiraagu Contact Centre attends to over 18000 calls per day on a normal day.

    Dhiraagu is also pleased to note that 62% of the workforce at the contact centre is COPC -certified customer professionals.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    28th May 2016

    Media contact for information:

    Imjad Jaleel
    Manager Public Relations
    Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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