• 17 February 2020
    Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program marks the 10th year with 27 graduates

    Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program (DAP) marks the 10th year since it began in 2009 December. Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program  is the most widely conducted apprentice program across Maldives. At a special ceremony held at Hotel Jen today, 27 apprentices were graduated and 17 new apprentices were welcomed into the program. The chief guest of this ceremony was Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan.

    Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program is one of the key initiatives run under Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to develop youth. The main objective of this initiative is to empower and train participants in a corporate work setting while giving them the opportunity to earn.

    Apprentices are selected nationwide through an application process from a pool of young Maldivian high-school leavers and candidates without prior work experience who are age between 18-30 years. The program allows participants to gain experience and training in different departments of Dhiraagu in Male’ or any of the designated Dhiraagu regional centres across the nation.

    Dhiraagu Apprenticeship program is the first corporate internship program introduced in the Maldives. Since the launch of this program in 2009, 214 apprentices have been trained and some of them are serving in high ranked posts in Dhiraagu and other various corporate institutes.  Hence, Dhiraagu is proud to have played a role in creating a better career prospect for the youth.

    During the program structured training and work experience is provided to participants in a professional business environment. Soft skills development, ethics, time management, communication skills, how to write a good CV and job interview skills are some of the important courses and trainings that this program teaches. In addition, apprentices are paid a monthly allowance during the program, giving them the opportunity to earn while they learn.

    Dhiraagu continues to enrich lives of the future corporate stars by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills through intense on-site training and under the guidance of highly qualified management team.


    17 February 2020

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