• 10 December 2020
    Dhiraagu and Sparkhub introduce Lean Startup Maldives. 

    Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have announced Lean Startup Maldives to be held, from 26 – 27 December 2020.

    The startup workshop is planned virtually given the current pandemic this year and will be organized as a localized two-day crash course focusing on training participants on how to apply lean methodology in creating lean businesses. The core of it is based on the latest research in customer development, lean and agile development which is changing how new products and startups are built globally.

    Many startups start to build the product before their ideas are validated based on the assumption that people would want to buy their idea or product. Given Maldives has potential developers and innovators in the country, Lean Startup Maldives would train participants on important steps to be followed even before an idea may be pitched and developed. The participants will be taught how to apply the lean canvas model and on best practices on solutions development. Participants will also be equipped with a valuable framework of tools and techniques designed to help early stage startups learn the right steps and the process of identifying and acquiring customers towards building a sustainable business before the actual building starts.

    Through the Startup Weekend and Angelhack, the first and largest international hackathon in Maldives, Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have been collaborating together in the area of supporting the local startup culture and helping to establish the startup ecosystem in Maldives. According to Dhiraagu and Sparkhub, Lean Startup Maldives will enhance and equip talented young entrepreneurs and developers with the right skills, knowledge and mindset. 

    As the workshop is held virtually this year, participants interested to advance their startup knowledge throughout Maldives are encouraged to apply.

    The two-day virtual workshop of Lean Startup Maldives will take place from 26th to 27th December 2020. To register visit, https://bit.ly/LSMVirtual2020

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