• 10 June 2001
    Dhiraagu 3 - Year Vision
    The Telecom industry is changing rapidly and the Maldives is no exception, our customer needs are changing.

    Dhiraagu has been rolling out a National Network across the country to provide new products and services and meet customer requirements.

    We now believe the time is right to take stock of our changing environment and develop a clear vision of our future so we can transform Dhiraagu into a company, which will deliver customer expectations with greater focus.

    We have already started the work to achieve this, to identify the Products and Services, Technologies, Pricing Strategy and level of customer service for the future in order to be a truly customer focused company.

    A vital aspect in developing the vision is listening to and receiving direct input from customers. We have thus started a series of customer workshops, which will be attended by customer representatives from all our market segments (including Residential, Resorts, small business, Banks and Government).

    Mr. Mohamed Naseem, an independent facilitator from outside Dhiraagu, is conducting these customer workshops, in order to gain an objective and transparent viewpoint.

    Obviously this is a major project that will necessitate significant analysis, interpretation of customer inputs and other key information over the coming months. It is our intention to keep our customers fully updated throughout this process.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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