• 01 October 2000
    Dhiraagu 12th Anniversary
    Today is the 12th anniversary of Dhiraagu, a 12-year period which has seen unprecedented development in Communication facilities, throughout the entire country.

    Thanks to the National Network development plan, the most ambitious national project ever completed, at a cost in excess of Rf 990m, every Maldivian is now within reach of a telephone.

    This year 2000 has seen many new services launched and even more are planned for 2001.

    The rapid growth of the Internet, has seen many new services, which people only dreamed of a few years ago, now available. Dhiraagu has matched this explosive growth with, faster access speeds, Avasmail, Instant Internet access and all at reduced prices.

    We have also seen unprecedented growth in the GSM Mobile service, with over 6,400 customer now connected. The service coverage area is now being extended to Baa and Lhaviyani atolls and additional features such as Pre-Paid, Voicemail and SMS will be introduced shortly.

    For several years now, Dhiraagu has subsidized local and national calls from International. However, throughout the world, International tariffs are reducing and Telecom companies are changing so their tariffs reflect the cost of providing individual services. Dhiraagu is no different, we have to rebalance our tariffs over the next few years and move to cost based tariffs.

    At the same time we have been investing in our people and the service they provide to you the customer. This is our major priority as we shift our emphasis to you the customer, delivering what you want, when you want it, all matched by quality, reliability and a reasonable price.

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