• 23 January 2002
    DhiMobile Value Added Services - Free Connection
    Effective from Friday 1 February 2002, Dhiraagu will offer FREE connection for the following value added services to DhiMobile Post-Paid customers:

    • VoiceMail
    • SMS (short text message service)
    • CallerID (caller line ID)

    Also, DhiMobile Pre-Paid customers will get FREE connection to VoiceMail effective from this date.

    The standard monthly subscription charges will continue to apply.

    Dhiraagu CEO, Keith Wilson said, "Recent feedback showed customers wanted to try and use value added services, but charging a connection fee often stopped people. By listening to customers and offering FREE connection everyone can now subscribe and try these new services."

    Customers with any queries can call 123 FREE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or email [email protected].

    Issued by:

    Mohamed Niyaz
    Manager Customer Services
    Phone: 311481
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