• 15 September 2001
    Dhimobile Pre-paid Launch
    DhiMobile Pre-Paid service will be launched on 29 September 2001. This new service gives customers instant access to GSM mobile services without a bill, security deposit or any monthly line rental.

    To use the service customers simply buy a Rf 500 Connection Kit from either Dhiraagu Customer Front Office or from a Pre-Paid agent. Pre-Paid agents have been appointed for each inhabited island within the coverage area and additionally Dhiraagu staff will visit all inhabited islands and resorts to promote the service.

    Pre-Paid customers can make national and international calls. Call waiting and call hold services will be provided FREE, with additional services introduced soon.

    Existing DhiMobile customers who want to change to Pre-Paid need to buy a Connection Kit with a new mobile phone number. Customers existing service will be disconnected on request, with Dhiraagu refunding the deposit less any outstanding payments within 7 days.

    We are working on number portability between current Post-Paid and Pre-Paid.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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