• 08 May 2000
    DhiMobile International Roaming Service Introduced
    Today 8 May 2000, Dhiraagu introduces DhiMobile International Roaming service.

    This allows customers to use their GSM phones to make and receive calls in other countries where Dhiraagu has established a Roaming Agreement with the local GSM Operator.

    From today, international roaming will initially be provided to Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom via the local GSM Operators: Singtel and MobileOne (both Singapore), Dialog (Sri Lanka) and BT Cellnet (UK). Likewise customers visiting the Maldives (registered with their home networks) will also be able to use their own GSM phone on the Dhiraagu DhiMobile network.

    Dhiraagu has already signed Roaming Agreements with several other GSM Operators in various countries and are currently conducting technical tests. Dhiraagu will increase roaming 'partners' regularly to provide international roaming to many more countries and customers will be kept fully up-to-date through local advertising.

    The demand for international roaming is growing at an unprecedented rate throughout the world. Approximately 540 million roaming calls were made during February 2000, a growth of 40% since August 1999 and 200% since February 1999. With 750 million monthly roaming calls predicted during June, July and August, growth is continuing.

    Michael Stocks, Chairman of the GSM Association said "These statistics clearly demonstrate how GSM has become an integral part of everyday life and millions of people want to keep in touch wherever they are - on business or on holiday."

    Keith Wilson Dhiraagu General Manager said "The Maldives is no different from the rest of the World, our customers want to be in touch, even when they travel to other countries. I recently had the opportunity to brief His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on this new service.

    This clearly shows both his personal interest in the development of telecommunications in the Maldives and the Government's very keen desire to introduce this service as soon as possible. I would particularly like to thank their continuing support in order to provide new innovative services to customers." more.

    Customers should apply for international roaming service, at the Dhiraagu Teleshop. Charges are a one-off Rf50/ registration fee, with Rf30/ monthly charges; a security deposit may also be required. For roaming call-charges and other service details contact us on Toll Free 177 or get your FREE FAQ leaflet from Dhiraagu Teleshop.

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