• 08 May 2001
    Dhimobile International Roaming 1st Anniversary
    The first anniversary of the launch of DhiMobile International Roaming service will occur on 8 May.

    Since the original launch, Dhiraagu has worked continually to extend the service to as many countries as possible. Today roaming services have been implemented with 38 operators in 21 countries, a considerable achievement in only 12 months.

    New roaming partners are added weekly, with priority given to those GSM operators in countries frequently visited by Maldivians and to tourists arriving in the Maldives.

    The DhiMobile roaming service has proved very popular with the local business community and visiting tourists in the first year. This trend looks set to continue as customers recognise the convenience of roaming which enables them to stay in touch at all times whenever they are away on business or on holiday with family and friends.

    The GSM mobile standard is currently used by more than 400 operators in 162 countries and continues to grow.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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