• 24 March 2020
    COVID-19: DhiraaguPay waives off merchant fee for the next three months
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    In these uncertain times where Covid-19 continues to develop, we are forced to break out of our normal habits and adapt to safer means to move forward with our everyday life. As we are approached by unfortunate times, health care-professionals and authorities are advising public to adhere to their instructions whereby encouraging social distancing and practicing self-hygiene. At a time like this where extra precautionary measures are crucial, it is safer to avoid the use of physical cash or cash cards for carrying out purchases or transactions as it can be one of the fastest ways to spread the virus from one to another.

    While contactless digital payments have become the recommended norm, the need for DhiraaguPay has increased. To facilitate secure and safe digital transactions, businesses have started to encourage their customers to use our e-wallets more than before. To further facilitate and ease small and medium businesses, Dhiraagu has waived off merchant transactions fees for the next three months. New merchants joining DhiraaguPay during this period will also have their merchant fees waived off for the next three months.

    Currently there are over 260 registered merchants which includes restaurants, shops, salons, hospitals and clinics across the country accepting DhiraaguPay service. All Dhiraagu mobile customers and even customers on any other local network will be eligible to use DhiraaguPay service to pay bills, transfer cash and more.

    As we are directing our customers to opt for our digital platforms such as Dhiraagu MyAccount and Dhiraagu Mobile App to pay their bills and use our services, DhiraaguPay can be used as the preferred payment method on all these platforms.

    We are committed to cater our customers, small and medium businesses by offering DhiraaguPay e-wallets to enhance their digital experience.
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