• 11 January 2001
    Contract signed for the supply of prepaid, sms and voicemail services
    Dhiraagu announces today that it has signed a Rf 8 million contract with Comverse Networks System Limited (USA) for the supply of Prepaid, SMS and Voice Mail Systems.

    The Prepaid service allows Customers to use the DhiMobile service with no security deposit and no monthly bill. Instead calls are paid for, in advance using "recharge vouchers" which credit the customer account. These recharge vouchers will be available in a range of different (Rf) values, from a number of outlets, providing customers with choice.

    The Voicemail service allows callers to leave messages whenever the DhiMobile customer is unavailable to answer the call, or the mobile is switched off, or out of range. This allows the mobile customer to remain in contact and retrieve messages later.

    The Short Message Service (SMS) is another very popular GSM service. This allows customers to send and receive text messages (up to 160 characters long) from their mobile handsets to other DhiMobile users.

    These new services will initially only be available for the GSM Mobile service and are scheduled to be start in the second quarter of 2001. Further information on all these new services, including tariff pricing will be announced in due course.

    Note to editors

    Comverse Networks Systems (USA), is one of the world's leading suppliers of Prepaid, SMS and Voice Mail Systems. Currently 12 of the World's top 20 Telecom Operators use Comverse Systems.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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