• 10 November 1999
    Commercial Launch of DhiMobile GSM service on the 21st November 1999
    Dhiraagu announces today (10th November 1999), that the new DhiMobile GSM service will commence full commercial operation on the 21st November 1999.

    The service has been available to former AMPS customers since 24th October 1999, but only from 21st November will new customers be able to apply for the mobile service. DhiMobile Application forms will be available in the Dhiraagu Teleshop shortly before the commercial launch.

    The commercial launch of the DhiMobile GSM service follows on from the official inauguration of both the Dhiraagu GSM system and the new Male' switch by His Excellency the President Maumoon Adbul Gayoom on 8th November.

    The GSM service will initially provide coverage to the Male' and Ari atolls. The DhiMobile GSM service has already shown itself to be of higher quality than that the AMPS analogue service it is replacing.

    The DhiMobile GSM service will also support many new service features not previously available on the AMPS. The service will initially offer free-of-charge to all customers call forwarding, call hold and call waiting. Other new features will be offered to customers in the future.

    As we have already announced, the tariffs of the GSM service remains the same as the old AMPS service. Once off remigration fee Rf 1000/-, monthly rentals Rf300/- and Rf2/50 per minute for local calls. For international calls, in addition to normal charges Rf2/- per minute will be charged.

    We would also like to remind our customers that the special incentive plan which we have developed for our existing mobile customers is valid until the launch of GSM service on the 21st of November 1999.

    The project of the installation of the new GSM system began in early 1999, and the contract was awarded to Alcatel of France for a value of Rf47 million . Although this was the contract value, Dhiraagu has spent a total of Rf 90 million on the whole project.

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