• 06 July 2018
    Changes to the Fixed Broadband Packages

    With the recent changes made to our fixed broadband packages, we have received both positive feedback and some concerns from our customers. Although the increased data allowances, bigger value data boosters and the introduction of sms notifications were generally noted, some customers have raised their concerns regarding the revision of the speeds after Fair Usage Allowance (FUA). 

    We thank our customers for their valuable feedback and in consideration to this, we have decided not to apply the 256kbps speed after FUA in any of the packages.

    All existing customers will continue to experience 1Mbps speed after FUA until 01 August 2018.

    Effective 01 August 2018, changes to the packages will be as follows.

    Package name

    (up to)

    Fair Usage Allowance

    Monthly (MVR)*

    Speed after

    Fibre 5M

    5 Mbps

    30 GB


    512 kbps

    Fibre 5M Standard

    5 Mbps

    45 GB


    512 kbps

    Fibre 5M Plus

    5 Mbps

    75 GB


    512 kbps

    Fibre 5M Premium

    5 Mbps

    100 GB


    512 kbps

    Fibre 10M Plus

    10 Mbps

    120 GB


    1 Mbps

    Fibre 10M Premium

    10 Mbps

    150 GB


    1 Mbps

    Fibre 15M

    15 Mbps

    200 GB


    1 Mbps

    Fibre 25M

    25 Mbps

    250 GB


    1 Mbps

    Fibre 50M

    50 Mbps

    350 GB


    1 Mbps

    Fibre 100M

    100 Mbps

    500 GB


    1 Mbps

    *Rates are subject to GST

    With the revamp, the Fibre 5M Basic package will be discontinued for new subscriptions, while existing customers can continue to remain on the package with speed after FUA at 512kbps.

    We will continue to work towards providing customers with the best experience and offering more value on all our services. 

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