• 03 February 2002
    Changes to DhiMobile Pre-Paid Policy
    Effective from Sunday 3 February 2002, Dhiraagu is planning to implement following changes to the DhiMobile Pre-Paid policy.

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    SIM gets permanently blocked, due to incorrect PIN and PUK code entry | Customer has to buy a new connection kit with a new phone number. No refund is provided for the remaining credit balance in the blocked card. | A replacement SIM could be issued for a charge of Rf 200. Customer's mobile phone number will not change and any amount left in his account can be used as soon as he starts using the new SIM.
    Fraud locked customers | Fraud locked customers are released within 48 hours. | In normal cases, fraud locked customers will be released within 24 hours. We may keep the customer in fraud locked condition if we suspect the customer is attempting to defraud the system.
    Lost mobiles or SIM cards | We do not offer temporary disconnection to Pre-Paid customers. | If the customer wishes to temporarily disconnect a lost or stolen mobile or SIM card, we will do so after the customers provides sufficient information to justify the request.

    Dhiraagu CEO, Keith Wilson said, "Since DhiMobile Pre-Paid was launched in September 2001 we have seen an increase in the general awareness amongst our customers on the security aspects relating to mobile phone, hence some of our security related restriction could now be relaxed. This shows our commitment to continually review our policies and procedures to make it easier for customer to use our services".

    Customers with any queries can call 123 FREE (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or email [email protected].

    Issued by:

    Ahmed Shaafiu
    Marketing Manager
    Phone: 3311450
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