• 15 September 2015
    Change in the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc
    The Board of Directors of Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun PLC (“Dhiraagu”) has today accepted the retirement and resignation of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Mr. Ismail Waheed (H. Fahivai, Male’), who has been as the Chief Executive Officer since 2004.

    With immense experience in the telecoms sector, Mr. Waheed was one of the first employees of Dhiraagu, having joined Cable and Wireless Maldives before Dhiraagu was incorporated. He has been the leading force behind key milestones achieved by the Company including the introduction of the first telecommunications backbone network in the Maldives. He has successfully continued to lead Dhiraagu, as the market leader in a highly competitive environment and a rapidly evolving global industry.

    On behalf of the Management and the staff, the Board of Directors extended sincere gratitude for his distinguished tenure, and for dedicating over 38 years of service for the development and growth of the Maldives telecommunications industry and Dhiraagu in particular. The Board, management and staff of Dhiraagu wish him well in all his future endeavors.

    Following the resignation of Mr. Ismail Waheed, the Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Ismail Rasheed (M. Three Star, Male’), as the new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Dhiraagu. In accordance with the Companies Act 10/1996, Mr. Ismail Rasheed has also been appointed as an Executive Director of the Board of Directors.

    Having been with the Dhiraagu since its inception in 1988, Mr. Ismail Rasheed has held key positions within Dhiraagu. As Chief Executive since 2007, he has been leading the operational aspects of the business and supporting the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director on strategic matters. Mr. Ismail Rasheed holds an MBA from the University of Reading (UK) and a BEng in Telecommunications Systems Management & Design from the Anglia Polytechnic University (UK).

    On behalf of the Directors, Management and the Staff, the Board congratulates Mr. Ismail Rasheed for taking on the helm of Dhiraagu and wish him success in his new role.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    15 September 2015

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    Assistant Manager Public Relations
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    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
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