• 02 March 2022
    Apply to DhiraaguTV and enjoy FREE connection and FREE Joybox

    Dhiraagu has announced a special promotion allowing existing Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband customers to apply for DhiraaguTV before 31 March 2022 to enjoy FREE connection and FREE Joybox (set-top-box).

    Under this promotional offer, customers who subscribe to a Basic and Gold package will receive 50% discount on their package rental for the first month. With the availability of Premier League content now on DhiraaguTV, this is a golden opportunity to enjoy the matches in HD quality across the country for the most affordable prices.
    Apply to DhiraaguTV to enjoy high-quality and best entertainment bundles available. A diverse channels portfolio is curated for all ages and audiences that includes Sony Sports channels, the world-famous Disney bouquet of channels, Discovery Channels, STAR channels, all the favourite local and international News Channels, Al Quruan Al Kareem and more religious channels to highlight a few. As a result of continued investment in expansion, DhiraaguTV has now extended digital IPTV service to 82% of national households.

    DhiraaguTV continues to enhance the digital entertainment experience of the Maldivian community by offering them exciting new offers and more quality content.

    For more information about DhiraaguTV, please visit: https://bit.ly/3puHhPL


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