• 28 March 2016
    95% Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband Network Upgrade Work Completed
    We would like to inform all our customers that, we are currently working on a major upgrade work on our Male’ fixed broadband network to improve the overall service quality.

    As part of this complex project, we are relocating some of our key technical equipment at our former site in Medhuziyaaraiy Magu to various enhanced sites across Male’ City. We would like to note that 95% of the work is already completed and the project is coming to a completion.

    Subsequent to this, we understand that there are some customers experiencing prolonged service interruption and degradation. We would like to ensure that everything is being done to minimize the impact on these customers and to restore the affected connections.

    We take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to those customers who are affected and for the inconveniences this may have caused them. We would like to assure that we have taken all the necessary measures to minimize these disruptions and that we are working towards completing the project as soon as possible.

    We thank our customers for their understanding and patience during this complex period.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    28th March 2016

    Media contact for information:

    Imjad Jaleel
    Manager Public Relations
    Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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