• 08 March 1999
    24 hrs Beneath a Rainbow Sea
    24 hrs Beneath a Rainbow Sea, Maaya Thila, Maldives is one of the most exciting ocean environment events ever to take place. On April 10th, 1999, a team of underwater photographers, film crew, and supporting scientists will continuously dive, photograph and video a submerged reef in the Maldives from 12 noon to 12 noon.

    This will be happening at Maaya Thila, Maldives, a submerged reef in the middle of Ari Atoll.

    Using state-of-the-art diving and underwater equipment technology, the production team will produce a chronicle of one of the most vibrant biological systems in the world.

    This will be the world's first 24-hour live broadcast of life on a coral reef on the World Wide Web. Dhiraagu is sponsoring the project by providing the capability to publish the event on Internet, free through DhivehiNet, The Maldives Internet Service. Dhiraagu engineers and DhivehiNet team are currently doing the required test to make this possible. In addition, Dhiraagu will also be providing the production team their telecom requirements for the project.

    The General Manager of Dhiraagu Mr. Bob Ure said," We are extremely happy to be associated with a project which is the first of its kind. Furthermore this will indeed allow millions of net users to see the indisputable beauty of the Maldives marine environment".

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