July 2021

Dear Customers and Partners,

The past one and half years have been challenging for all of us, and have disrupted our lives and livelihoods. We started off the year as a recovery journey from the effects of the pandemic. However, with the sudden surge in Covid-19 cases, all workforces are back to remote working while students continue with remote education in Greater Male’ Region. The need for our services has become more critical and our highest priorities have been to ensure that our network remains fully operational and continue the services without interruptions, especially during these unpreceded times when everyone is depending on our services for their everyday life. With signs of recovery from the pandemic, we are hopeful for the future months to return to a more normal life.

Though we like it or not, social distancing became the norm that stayed longer than we all anticipated. To ease our customers while they stayed home, we awarded free extra data for the month of June and offered relief packages to our customers.

Amid the slowing economic activity, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge in digital activity and accelerated digital transformation. The significant investments we have made towards achieving our vision to enrich lives by connecting the entire country and expanding our services to remote corners have played a pivotal role in enabling our people, communities, and businesses to quickly adapt to a new era of digital connectivity.

Internet becoming an essential service, we have been engaging with the government to offer our customers further ease and revise the prices in line with government policy. After careful consideration, we are thrilled to have announced the new Home Fibre Broadband portfolio allowing customers to enjoy up to 100% more data allowance on their packages and up to 50% reduction in overall data price. As per our commitment, we will be further announcing the changes to Mobile Data in October 2021.

It is one of our utmost priorities to ensure equality of access to better technologies to enable people to stay connected. Despite the challenges, we focused on being agile and continued to roll out our high-speed fibre broadband network across the country to reach 80% of households, while DhiraaguTV service has been extended to 77% of the national households. With digital technology becoming ever-more essential to how we work, learn and live, the Maldives-Sri Lanka Cable (MSC) system was commissioned earlier this year which will provide international diversity and make Maldives connectivity to the rest of the world more robust and resilient.

Building on the momentum towards the end of last year, we made good progress by continuing to enhance our value propositions across our services. “Dhiraagu Amilla Postpaid” was launched this February to offer our customers unmatched levels of customisation on their postpaid plans. The ability to build up and personalise postpaid plans to cater to their own needs and lifestyle has been well received by our customers.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my sincere gratitude to the frontline staff and health care professionals for keeping us safe at the height of the crisis. Now is a crucial moment for the whole community to strengthen confidence, act with unity and work together in a collective response for recovery.

Ismail Rasheed
CEO & Managing Director

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