• 19 January 2012
    With Multiple MyTones, now a unique tone for each caller on MyTones
    Dhiraagu has enhanced its MyTones service by introducing multiple MyTones and personalization of ring back tones.

    With the introduction of multiple MyTones, customers can enable more than one ring back tone; up to 10 tones.

    Furthermore, customers can also personalize and set a specific tone of choice to a specific caller or group of callers giving more options and flexibility.

    There will be no change to the customers existing MyTones; this enhancement simply gives the customer the option to have more MyTones and choices to personalize tones.

    Multiple Ringtones can be activated by calling 155 similar to now or by sending a SMS to 155. To activate Multiple Ringtones, customers have to simply send an SMS with "Tone" followed by the Tone ID to 155.

    SMS sent to 155 to set up and personalize MyTones will be charged at Rf 1 per SMS and customers will be charged RF 4 per selected tone.

    Personalization can only be done through SMS. To personalize a tone to someone, send an SMS TO 155 with keyword "Set" followed by Tone ID and mobile number to which you want to assign the tone.

    Upon the introduction of multiple MyTones and personalization of ring back tones Dhiraagu Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations Mohamed Mirshan Hassan said, "This modern enhancement to MyTones will improve the user experience of thousands of MyTones users every day on the largest collection of ring-back tones in the country with contents from local and international artists.

    A variety of MyTones and its tone IDs can be accessed via mobile from mymobile.mv/mytones. MyTone IDs can also be checked just by simply calling 155."

    For more details on the new enhancement to Dhiraagu MyTones services please visit our website at www.dhiraagu.com.mv.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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