• 04 October 2008
    Regarding the SMS poll carried out by DHIFM on 03 October 2008
    We wish to advise our mobile customers that the cancellation of the SMS poll on the Presidential race, carried out by DHIFM on Friday 03 October 2008, was not due to any problem encountered within Dhiraagu SMS service.

    It was noted that Dhiraagu customers began receiving an SMS message from 600 prior to the start of the poll. When DHIFM cancelled the poll, they had already been informed by Dhiraagu that the message was not sent out by our system.

    The message received prior to the poll, by customers who had not taken part in it, was not sent by Dhiraagu's network. According to our investigations, this message was sent from Australia. Some customers received this message dated 04 October 2008, and timed in the early hours of the morning, around dawn.

    This alone proves that the message did not originate from Dhiraagu's system, nor was it sent through our network. Following further checks, we have found that the SMS sent to some Dhiraagu customers, was done so via a mobile web SMS based service in Australia, using the number 600, and sent outside our network.

    Therefore, we wish to assure our customers and all other parties that this message did not originate on Dhiraagu's system, nor was it sent through our network.

    We hope that this public announcement clarifies this matter.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
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