• 26 February 2019
    Public Announcement

    We would like to keep our customers informed that further to the enhancement work carried on our Business Support System, customers will notice the following changes:

    1.  Customer Account Number

    Your account number will now have an Alphanumeric Prefix (eg: BA00123456). Please note that this will not affect your services in anyway. To check your account number SMS keyword “Bal” to 727.

    1.  727 Balance Check SMS

    Customers can continue to check their usage balance via SMS by sending keyword “BAL” to 727. We have now introduced a new feature to the Balance check, which will allow customers to view their usage summary, add-ons activated and other inclusions to the service. To check your usage, simply send the keyword “my usage” to 727.

    1. Self Care Menu (*123#)

    The new Self-care menu is a fully dynamic menu system that will automatically detect your mobile plan and present you with Data, Voice and SMS Add-Ons that are relevant for your plan.


    We are always working to provide you with the best services and a superior digital experience.


    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
    26 February 2019


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