• 02 February 2015
    Planned Upgrade Work on Dhiraagu Fixed line and Fixed Broadband Services in Selected Areas of Male’ - 2/2/2015
    We would like to inform our customers that an upgrade work on Dhiraagu ADSL and Fixed line cable in Male’ is scheduled from 0930hrs –1730hrs on 3rd February to 7th February 2016.

    During this period, customers in the following streets and the adjacent lanes will face interruptions on Internet, leased line and fixed line services for a short interval of 15-30 minutes per customer.

    Scheduled Work Areas

    • Aimina Rani Hingun (Boduthakurufaanu Magu to Falhumathee Magu)
    • Randhebai Hingun (Boduthakurufaanu Magu to Ameenee Magu)
    • Nikagas Hingun (Falhumathee Magu to Thabureyzee Hingun)
    • Ameenee Magu (Vaidheri Hingun to Aimina Rani Hingun)
    • Falhumathee Magu (Nikagas Hingun to Randhebai Hingun)
    • Nikagas Magu (Madhoshi Goalhi to Kudhimaa Goalhi)
    • Dhanburuh Magu (Madhoshi Goalhi to Dhanburuh Goalhi)
    • Rahdhebai Magu (Halaveli Goalhi to Raiyvilla Goalhi)
    • Sabdheriya Magu (Bodurasgefaanu Magu to Satharu Goalhi)
    • Halaveli Goalhi (Rahdhebai Magu to Sabdheriya Magu)
    • Madhoshi Goalhi (Nikagas Magu to Rahdhebai Magu)
    • Kurikeela Magu (Nikagas Magu to Dhanburuh Magu)
    • Anoanaa Goalhi (Dhanburuh Magu to Sabdheriya Magu)
    • Helenbeli Goalhi (Rahdhebai Magu to Sabdheriya Magu)
    • Asurumaa Goalhi (Fandiyaaru Magu to Champaa Magu)
    • Majeedhee Magu (Champaa Magu to Shaariu Vardhee)

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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