• 27 August 2012
    Notice for Annual General Meeting - 27/8/2012
    Registration at Annual General Meeting

    All Shareholders and Proxies wishing to attend the Company’s AGM are requested to register prior to the Meeting. Registration will be open from 1900hrs to 2000hrs on 30th August 2012, Thursday at the Maldives National University (outside the Main Auditorium).

    Where the shareholder wishing to attend the AGM is not a natural person (i.e. a company, independent body, etc.) they may either:

    • appoint a proxy by completing and submitting a Proxy Form before 28 August 2012 as per the Company’s proxy registration guidelines; or
    • present a letter from the shareholder appointing a representative to act on behalf of the shareholder at the AGM at the point of registration.

    All Shareholders and Proxies must present their National ID. Card or Passport for registration.

    Shareholders Eligible to Participate and Vote at the AGM

    Dhiraagu Employees will not be eligible to vote, appoint proxies at this AGM or receive dividends for shares held under the Dhiraagu Colleague Share Scheme until they vest. The relevant vesting dates have been communicated to our Employees.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Investors Relations Department
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