• 30 April 2000
    New Procedures for Mobile Connections
    30 April 2000

    Dhiraagu wishes to advise Customers that new procedures for GSM mobile connections have been introduced.

    Each new mobile application will be credit vetted, and a security deposit may be required before a connection is made. Security deposits will be as follows and only cash and valid credit cards will be accepted:

    Security Deposits Maldivians Non-Maldivians Companies
    Plainline Rf 500 Rf 3,000 Rf 3,000
    Quickline Rf. 2,000 Rf 3,000 Rf 3,000
    Documentation required National Identity Card Residency Permit Company Registration Certificate
    Each customer will be assigned a credit limit at the time of connection and if call charges exceed the credit limit, service may be restricted or disconnected. Service will be restored when security deposit is increased by a suitable amount. Payment for bills should continue in the normal way.

    A Customer’s credit rating will be continuously monitored, with the security deposit increased, decreased or refunded solely based on the customer’s payment history.

    For more details please contact Dhiraagu Front Office.

    Issued by:
    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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